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Alphabet Exercises Lowercase (Level 2)

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This book is for children learning lowercase alphabets after learning the uppercase letters. This book is beginner friendly; the letters are big enough for beginner writers.

The book is not in alphabetical order. Because it is difficult to write lowercase letters, the order of the book is by similar letters to make it easier for the child to learn. (ie; the book starts with the letter “c”, followed by “o”, “a”, “d”. Writing these letters consists of writing in a circular motion.)

For English classrooms, the teacher and student can finish the left page together while communicating in English. The amount of work on the left page is minimal to take less time during a lesson. The right page is used for homework, and the amount of work is increased.
It is the same topic on both pages, so children are able to finish their homework on their own.
For classrooms that do not give out homework, teachers can use the right page as review during the following lesson.

This book contains 40 lessons pages and 40 homework pages to be completed in a year.

If this book is to be used at home, the parent and child can do the left page together, and use the right page as a review for effective use. For easy use, there are Japanese instructions along with the English instructions.

Common words in everyday life were chosen for the illustrations; the first letter of the word is the same as the letter being taught that day to learn the phonics of that letter as well.
(ie; If letter “A” is being taught, the corresponding picture/word would be “Apple”) Teaching the phonics along with the letter is optimal.
The pictures in the book go with the phonics chants from the Original CD(Everyday Sing-A-Long Songs) and should be used together for effective learning.

If the child hasn’t learned the uppercase alphabets, he/she can use the Level 1 Alphabet Exercises.

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Level: Pre-School - Elem. School
Product Size: A4
Number of Pages: 83
ISBN: 9784990888213