Helene Uchida in Copenhagen, Denmark

by 児島 咲子

Helene Uchida on a a visit to Copenhagen, Denmark, visited an elementary school and was happy to share ideas with Nana Boesen who uses the Preschool Challenge Book & Challenge Book #1 for her elementary school students in Denmark.

Comment on Challenge Book from TEMI teacher!

by 児島 咲子

A lovely thing happened this morning that made me cry with joy.
There is a girl in the 6th grade who never speaks, never raises her hand to answer a question and is often absent. She understands well enough but is painfully shy. I never push her to answer, just encourage her and help her repeat after me which she sometimes does. The Challenge Book has really been a challenge for her, until today. Today's test was vegetables. Her turn came. She opened her mouth and aced it! She was amazing! Not only could she say the vocabulary but also answer the questions. It was a beautiful moment made even more special by the big smile on her face when I stamped her book and clapped her tremendous effort. Then the tears came. Moments like this make me so proud to be a teacher at this school. Thank you for making a book that makes it easy for children to communicate with others.

Tracey in Wakayama


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