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Gas Out

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Joint the FUN! Everyone wants to play Gas Out!

This new, suspenseful game is the perfect way to end a class with everyone laughing and smiling.

Place Guster, the Gas Cloud, on the center of the table and then deal 3 Gas Out cards to each player. If a player places down a number card, Guster gets pressed by the player as many times as the number shown. (Watch everyone’s face as the suspense builds up.) BUT, watch out! If Guster farts, the player is out of the game!

Other Gas Out cards, such as SKIP & REVERSE, send the next play to the next player. The last player left is the winner. Everyone walks out of class laughing.


Guster (the farter)

(Batteries are included.)

56 cards

Players: 2-7

Age: from 6 years old to junior high

Playing time: 10-15 minutes