Challenge Book Series

All the books in the series offer the following benefits:

  • Learners focus on one challenge a month.
  • Upon mastering the challenge, students receive a stamp.
  • Challenges are arranged in order of difficulty.
  • Vocabulary and phrases are recycled throughout the series.
  • Parents can easily understand what their children are studying each month by checking to see which challenge they are on.
  • Every student goes at his own pace. Some learners do fine with one challenge a month; others can handle two.
  • Japanese translation of ALL challenges is available at the back of each book.
  • Students can enter an English class at any time and start with the first challenge.
  • Each book has a corresponding CD with Helene Jarmol Uchida speaking (with the exception of Challenge Book #3).
  • Pair work enables students to practice their challenges with each other.
  • Students learn how to do self-introductions with confidence.
  • The user-friendly approach attracts and keeps student interest high.
  • Western culture points and etiquette are introduced at the end of each section.
  • A Certificate of Completion is at the end of each book.

“I wrote The Challenge Book series from my heart because I respect and believe in the ability of Japanese students.”

Helene Jarmol Uchida